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Buying quality and cheap sunglasses online is possible! In the online store you will find thousands of models of the main brands with the quality label or CE marking and designed so that you can enjoy your free time without restriction, take advantage of our services and order your sunglasses for the next season!

The Importance of Buying Good Sunglasses

Increasingly early springs, styles that last in veroños eternal, winters much drier than in other latitudes…. At this stage of climate change, sunglasses are no longer designed in Spain as a simple fashion accessory, but as a basic health product. With extremely high sunshine rates in much of Spain, there are not a few populations who, especially in the south, record more than 3,000 hours of sunshine per year. Faced with this situation, we must not underestimate the primary function of sunglasses, which is none other than that of providing guaranteed eye protection against ultraviolet rays. This is why it is so important to wear approved models that have passed all the controls and comply with the European regulations, just like the sunglasses available in the online store.

Winter sunglasses

While it is true that the peak of UV radiation is reached at the beginning of summer, it is nonetheless true that sunglasses are also necessary the rest of the year. Various factors related to the environment and the relief have direct consequences on the incidence and intensity levels of ultraviolet light. Thus, the higher the altitude, the greater the risk: the UV radiation increases by 10 % every 1,000 meters above sea level. There are also surfaces where the light reverberates particularly brightly, causing glare and even damage to the cornea and retina.

  • In sand, harmful solar radiation can be up to 20 % higher than in everyday environments.
  • In water, the reflected UV rays increase by about 30%.
  • Snow is particularly dangerous: 90% from the sun's rays is reflected, which is why skiers are exposed to an "overdose" of UV rays if they do not have adequate visual protection, which can cause the we call "snow ophthalmia", an inflammation of the cornea.

This is why sunglasses are an essential complement to safely enjoy skiing, the mountains, the beaches or water sports.

Types of crystals

If the frame of sunglasses is sometimes chosen only for aesthetic reasons, the choice of lenses includes practical considerations and visual health. The characteristics of the lenses are defined by two factors: the manufacturing material and the existing filters. Depending on the type of material, the lenses of sunglasses are classified as organic and mineral. The most important filters are those relating to color and UV radiation.

Organic crystals and mineral crystals

By organic crystals, it is necessary to understand in reality what is commonly called plastic or, to be more precise, polymers which have certain physical and optical qualities which make them particularly suitable for the function which they exercise. These synthetic crystals are characterized by being:

  • Extremely light, hence increased comfort
  • High resistance: break less than minerals
  • More prone to scratches

The raw material of mineral crystals is glass composed of silica and metal oxides. They weigh twice as much as organic crystals and break more easily. However, their higher refractive index gives them a finer finish. And its hardness, understood as resistance to scratches, is higher.

Organic and mineral lenses can be polarized or photochromic. On the other hand, there is a special category of organic crystals: those made of polycarbonate plastic. This type of lens was used for the first time in the 1980s. With a lightness that does not translate into fragility, however, their expansion was immediate. Today, they have become the most popular glasses in sunglasses designed for activities where there is a real possibility of breakage, that is to say, glasses for sports contexts or for children.

Color and UV filters

The color filter reduces the amount of visible light reaching the eye by avoiding glare problems. European legislation regulates and classifies the protection offered by the lenses of sunglasses into five levels, from lower protection to higher protection. Protective glasses 2 and 3 are considered to be suitable for medium use, while category 4 is reserved for extreme external use such as snow sports.

Tip: What color should I choose?

  • Yellow. Reduces haze and improves contrast. Useful in some sports like shooting or skiing.
  • Brown. Maximum protection. Recommended for mountain sports.
  • Green. Does not alter colors. Suitable for any activity.
  • Gray. The one who filters the least. It generates little distortion, which is why it is the most comfortable in everyday life. Recommended for driving.
  • Red Rather boring everyday.

The UV filters completely absorb UVA and UVB rays. Note : not necessarily color filter lenses. For example, a clear glass corrector of an ametropia (a defect of ocular refraction, myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism), can be treated to filter the ultraviolet radiation and to be colorless. Sometimes a label is visible on the glass with a numbering of 400nm. This means that it protects us from wavelengths less than 400 nm.

Polarized, photochromic and mirror effect glasses

The polarized glasses have filters that eliminate annoying lights reflected off certain surfaces, allowing much sharper vision, more natural color perception, better contrast and reduced eye strain. Particularly recommended for use on highly reflective surfaces such as snow, water or wet asphalt.

The photochromic glasses are dynamic glasses: they react to the level of light in a given environment, becoming darker or lighter as needed. They are designed for outdoor use: they react to the sun's ultraviolet rays. Ideal for sports practices with changing environments or where the transition between light and shadow spaces is very pronounced (think of cycling). Beyond this characteristic function, they are very well suited for any outdoor use, since their protection against UV rays is total.

The mirrored glasses have a reflective surface treatment on the outside of the lens, which reflects most of the light and prevents it from reaching the eye. This type of glasses is recommended for high radiation environments and activities in an aquatic environment or in snow.

The fashion accessory

Ensuring its protective function, it should not be forgotten that sunglasses are one of the most popular supplements when it comes to to style in the fashion world. Europeans have two pairs on average and Spaniards spend more than 100 euros on sunglasses each year. In our online store, you can buy models from the main brands (Ray-Ban, Oakley, Boss, Dolce & Gabbana, Polaroid, Carrera…). in total over 70) and trends: glasses with a double metallic bridge, frames in translucent plastic and thick frames, glasses in tortoiseshell, in paste or in acetate with animal print the vintage sport style, models cateye, the hexagonal glasses and, of course, the readers in round metal, which are characteristic of the aesthetic nerd that stars of the moment are on the covers of magazines.

Remember that most sunglasses available are subject to prescription. So, if you suffer from a visual defect such as myopia, hyperopia or eyestrain, simply give us the values of your ophthalmological prescription. Experts in optics will assemble the lenses of your glasses in our workshops in Germany. The crystals are subjected to various quality treatments (hardened, anti-reflective) and, of course, are equipped with a UV protection filter.

Sunglasses trends

The wide variety of fashionable sunglasses makes it easy to find the perfect glasses, in keeping with current fashion trends. This season, it is about combining the new with the old and the classics, which gives us a feeling of nostalgia and gives us a modern and fresh impulse.

Visit our page Trendy sunglasses. You'll find everything from vintage sunglasses with hawksbill shell patterns and geometric shapes to classic aviator style sunglasses; you will also find extravagant sunglasses with mirrored lenses and butterfly shapes, minimalist and casual styles with a transparent frame.