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Sports glasses: maximum performance at the forefront of fashion

For men or women, for the mountains or nautical activities, polarized, sunny, qualified…. Here you will find a selection of sports glasses as wide and varied as the countless fans who trust us to protect their eyesight and improve their performance in the practice of their favorite discipline. Take a look at our catalog of sports glasses and use the practical filters to find your ideal model.

Sports glasses, an essential part of your equipment

The practice of any sport requires appropriate equipment. In many disciplines, sports glasses are much more than a simple aesthetic choice: they protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays, prevent reflections of the sun on water or snow, and you offer comfort and functionality to improve your performance and enjoy your favorite sport even more. We have a very large collection of sports glasses for lovers of the most varied disciplines, each of which requires specific characteristics.

Sports glasses for mountain activities

When we go mountaineering, hiking or climbing, we have to pay special attention to our eyes. Visual dexterity is essential when moving over rough terrain. In addition to protecting against solar radiation and offering a clearer and more contrasted vision, mountain sports glasses must be robust and versatile. In the field, they often come into contact with water or sand, which is why we recommend a quality glass that does not scratch and can be easily cleaned. Outdoors, we are also subject to the vagaries of the weather, so optimal sports glasses should come in handy both in bright sunlight and under the darkest clouds.

Watersports glasses

Surfers, kite lovers and sailing enthusiasts share at least two things: their passion for water and the need for excellent protection against the intense sun of the coast. Here is a selection of sports glasses specially designed for aquatic activities. These models incorporate particularly safe and comfortable fasteners, such as favorites and flexible frames which adapt naturally and slightly to the face. Water sports glasses combine functionality and design. Most of them incorporate polarized crystals different tones that avoid reflections on the water and allow you to perceive natural colors with fidelity. They are excellent as sports sunglasses, while favoring the wearer by giving him an active and current image.

Ski goggles

Skiing is one of the most demanding sports. To enjoy it safely, polarized ski goggles are essential. The models that we present to you in our online store belong to the most renowned brands and have in common the use of innovative technologies to combat the disadvantages of an environment as hostile as the high mountains. Our ski goggles have high-resistance polarizing lenses which protect from the sun, of the condensation and some light reverberation caused by snow. They also have ergonomic designs easily adaptable to any user.

Sports glasses for all disciplines

In our catalog could not miss the glasses of great versatility, the so-called glasses multisports, designed as sports glasses for men or women, ideal inside and outside the track. They are what you need if you are looking for a optimal vision in the most diverse environments, the safety and protection of your eyes and a modern style in line with the latest fashion trends. Always from the best brands and with the advantages that only a guarantee store offers you for shopping online! The same goes for others specific collections, where we present our selection of sports glasses for runners, cyclists, volleyball, golfers or motor sports.