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Buy eyeglasses online

Buying prescription glasses has never been easier and more comfortable.

The sassy visit to different opticians to find the right glasses is a thing of the past. You no longer need to leave your home to buy your ideal glasses, the pioneer of online optics in the sector and leader in Europe. Enter our site, explore the sensational catalog that we present to you and buy your cheap glasses online from your home while benefiting from the best offers and services.

Buy glasses online?

You want a new pair of glasses but you do not want to switch from optician to optician to try different frames? We have good news: buying glasses on your couch today is possible. Read on and we will explain how our online optics, what are the factors to take into account when choosing your model and which glasses are perfect for you.

Monofocal, progressive or working glasses: glasses adapted to your needs

Today, more than half of Spanish people suffer from vision loss and need glasses. But not all visual defects are the same, as are the glasses to treat them.

The monofocal glasses are the classic prescription glasses to correct thehyperopia where the myopia. Corrective lenses for these conditions are suitable for all types of frames. However, lenses with a high number of negative diopters - those with myopia - require thicker frames. For most spectacle wearers, prescription monofocal lenses are the right choice.

From the age of 40, the tired sight, also called presbyopia, manifests itself, requiring the use of reading glasses over short distances. They are designed to correct vision from a distance of about 30 to 45 centimeters, and tend to have lighter and more discreet frames. The downside: the need to put on and take off the glasses constantly, as they are not suitable for long distances. Progressive lenses are a practical alternative.

The progressive lenses not only correct myopia or myopia, they also correct presbyopia. Its lenses have three different areas: for far vision, the upper part; for near vision, the lower part; in the center, space for medium distances and also for a continuous and gradual transition from the upper part to the lower part. In order for these lenses to have sufficient space and to be adjusted, only spectacle frames of a certain size may be used; smaller frames are not suitable for progressive lenses.

If you normally work with the computer, you should consider wearing work glasses, optimized for intermediate distances, such as the space between the face and the monitor, with monofocal or progressive lenses. You have the so-called glasses to see with spatial comfort lenses, with which you will have an accurate view of your PC, mouse, keyboard and companions who are outside the intermediate distance. Work glasses are ideal for the office for those suffering from farsightedness or presbyopia.

Frame shape and width: find your prescription glasses using our filters

To facilitate your search for prescription glasses, we advise you to use the filters on the left of the navigation menu, which will allow you to select the different models available according to your tastes. In a few clicks, you will find the new glasses you need.

Face shape : here you will find the frames best suited to the shape of your face. The options are round, square, oval or triangular faces. In our stool selection guide, you will find the stools that suit you according to the shape of your face.

Width of glasses : you can filter the models according to their width here. The rule of thumb is to avoid frames that are more or less wide than your face. The exception is the extravagant designer eyewear, whose main appeal is explained by fashion. If you already have glasses that fit you, you can measure the width of the frame of your current glasses from the top and insert the millimeters directly into the ruler under the filter. If you are not sure about the ideal width of your frame, you will find some useful tips in our services section.

Glasses shape : if you like a particular shape, you can choose it directly here. However, if you are not sure which one is best for you, we recommend that you filter the models according to the shape of your face.

Mounting type : This filter classifies the models into three types: pneumatic mounting, full or half mounting. The air supports are very discreet, ideal for a minimalist look. The complete frames are the classic variant, but thanks to the many options of colors and shapes, they can also add a modern and striking touch. The half mounts There are two versions: the lowest, usually for reading glasses, and the highest, more discreet and more modern than a complete frame.

Color : The colors of the glasses can correspond to the color of the hair or the eyes. Lighter shades work well with golden, brown or pastel colors, while darker shades combine with more powerful colors.

Material : If you are looking for a specific material for the frame of your next prescription glasses, this is your filter. The pasta frames offer comfort and a wide variety of shapes and colors. The metal, titanium or carbon ones harmonize particularly well with the more classic looks, they are very resistant and can also be very thin.

Buy glasses at affordable prices. We explain it step by step

If you've always bought your glasses from an optician near you, the online ordering process may be new and unknown to you, don't worry, the purchasing process East very simple and without risk, as we show you in the following steps. If you still have questions, our optics experts will be happy to help you with our free customer service hotline.

Tip: Try the glasses on without any problems. Just use our online test service or ask us to send you up to four different models.

First, use the filtering options on the left side of the website and limit the selection of glasses to suit your particular needs and tastes. You can add the glasses you like to your wish list.

We also recommend that you use our virtual tester. By uploading a photo of yourself or an image from your webcam, you will see in two or three dimensions how you can insert one of the thousands of glasses in the catalog.

The other option is to select up to four models of frames so we can send them back to you at your house without obligation to purchase. You have five days to decide.

Once you know which glasses to buy, enter it value your order in the return slip that accompanies the package and return the four frames to us free of charge. If you do not know your values, you should consult an ophthalmologist or optician; the eye exam is usually free.

In our workshops in Germany, our expert opticians place the graduated glasses you need in the chosen frame. These crystals of high quality, with UV filter, hardening treatment, anti-reflective and antifouling, are already included in the price of the frame. In a few days, you will receive your new glasses at home. If, for any reason, you want to return them after the purchase, you have a return period of 30 days.

Start looking for your new prescription glasses now. You have the choice between thousands of models: glasses for men, glasses for women and unisex, prescription glasses for myopia and farsightedness, reading glasses, glasses for seeing and presbyopia. And, of course, we also have a very large collection of sunglasses of the best brands that accept corrective lenses. Explore our catalog and discover thousands of models of glasses at the most competitive prices.