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Titanium glasses to buy online

Titanium glasses: The top cut

The metal returns with force, and among them titanium is distinguished by its hardness and flexibility. Antiallergic and very comfortable, the titanium glasses are so light that not even the notes. It is the perfect material for air racks. You will find a wide variety of models of titanium prescription glasses from the best brands with the most modern designs.

Quality and durability of titanium glasses

The latest trends recover metal for the frames and, among them, titanium stands out for its great advantages. It has been used since the beginning of the 20th century, especially in the aerospace industry, since it weighs 50% less than steel and is able to withstand extreme conditions of cold and heat. It is also very resistant to water and corrosion, which is why it is frequently used in ship propellers. These qualities of titanium are of course used in the manufacture of frames. Titanium glasses are the more resistant, withstand temperature changes and knocks, and are great for outdoor sports. In addition to their great resistance, titanium glasses are distinguished by their lightness. They are flexible and comfortable to wear and, since they do not contain nickel, they do not cause allergic reactions. If you have sensitive skin or sweating problems, titanium glasses are the best choice for you.

Titanium glasses: the perfect material for your frames

Titanium eyewear models play on making themselves invisible or using their ductility to create imaginative shapes. The flexibility of the material also makes it possible to obtain models which adapt perfectly to the characteristics of the face, by obtaining minimum pressure on the bridge of the nose and behind the ears. This is why it is not daring to say that titanium glasses are the most comfortable. It is the perfect material for air racks. If the titanium glasses are full of eye-catching and contemporary colors, there are also those of a more classic appearance, with neutral colors and sober lines, which combine very easily and inspire a natural and spontaneous elegance.

Fashion strikes again with metal glasses

Although pasta glasses have predominated in recent years, the latest retro trend recovers metal glasses, reinventing them in a modern and avant-garde style. Titanium glasses are present in the collections of the best brands, and we have selected hundreds of models for you. Choose the shape that best suits your face: square, round, Wayfarer…. You can choose pneumatic supports, half assemblies or even combine titanium with other materials, without forgetting the color! The natural shade of titanium is silver, but it's easy to find titanium glasses painted with very vivid and striking colors. We have a multitude of models for men and women, for prescription and sunglasses, to try online with our virtual tester!