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Buy rectangular glasses online

Rectangular prescription glasses: fashion and comfort in one model

Corrective lenses are no longer just a tool to facilitate vision. We have a varied choice of rectangular prescription glasses that offer you both comfort and modern aesthetics. Forget boring and uncomfortable prescription glasses: in our collection you will find a multitude of very current and flattering models. Just browse our catalog using the filters to find the rectangular glasses that are right for you.

Rectangular prescription glasses, elegance and comfort

The design of rectangular lenses follows an already classic model in the field of optics. They bring a touch of elegance which, combined with the comfort of a light frame, makes it a perfect accessory for everyday use. You have a varied choice of rectangular glasses, including dough traditional glasses in metal and even glasses air. If you also want your rectangular glasses to protect you from the sun, you will find prescription sunglasses that we will insert in your favorite frame. Finding your perfect model in our online store is always a fun experience.

Take care of the most current style

The style is very present. The elongated shape of rectangular glasses is undoubtedly the most popular among prescription lens wearers. However, our catalog does not lack more modern and avant-garde models which give a new twist to the classic concept of rectangular glasses by offering more innovative lines for men and women.

The colors offered by our collection of rectangular glasses are in turn very varied. Black or metallic tones predominate due to their popularity, although they are not the only ones: striking shades of green and blue, or frames in amber tones, also have their place in our catalog.

What are the advantages of buying rectangular glasses?

We are the European leader in the sale of glasses online. We offer thousands of models and hundreds of brands, from the best known and design to the most affordable but just as current.

Similarly, on our site, you can use filters to choose models based on different variables, such as the shape of your face or the size of the glasses, making your search more pleasant, faster and easier.

As if that weren't enough, we have a virtual tester : upload a photo of your face or use the webcam on your computer to see how you are with the glasses you have chosen. And if you still haven't made up your mind, we will ship up to four models of your choice to your home so you can try them out within five days - for free!