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Reading glasses: clarity of vision

Useful whether you read a magazine or a novel, look at photos on your mobile phone or review the fine print of a contract: reading glasses are constant and irreplaceable companions for many people with presbyopia or visual fatigue. If this is your case, you need reading glasses that are not only beautiful, but also light and comfortable to wear… Discover hundreds of models and get your own glasses!

What is presbyopia and when to start wearing reading glasses?

Presbyopia affects almost everyone with age. The lens hardens over time, losing its elasticity, so that the flexibility of the eye gradually decreases. The result: the impossibility of seeing closely with precision. A presbyopia sign occurs when, to read a newspaper, pamphlet or book clearly, you are forced to remove the text a little or take off your glasses if you are nearsighted. This will be useful for a while, as long as the presbyopia is not too marked. However, you will need a support element to read in a shorter or shorter time.

If you feel that you cannot see clearly and precisely around you, it is recommended to consult an ophthalmologist or an optician.

If you don't want to take off and put on your reading glasses, or if you already have vision problems and don't want to constantly change glasses, you can opt for progressive lenses or contact lenses.

Important things to keep in mind when buying reading glasses

If you do not know your visual faculty, we recommend that you consult an optician for a eye exam. For high diopter lenses, air frames or very thin frames are not recommended because they give the impression that the lenses are thicker. The angular glasses are most suitable for round faces, while oval faces lend themselves to all kinds of shapes, you want to know what our glasses look like? Try the models you want easily using our online tester. Or ask your friends for their opinion by sharing the photo on Facebook. In our catalog you will find a wide variety of reading glasses.

The choice of material: where the difference lies

Pasta : frames in this material are very comfortable to wear. In addition, they are very easy to clean. In terms of design, we have multiple possibilities: a single color, with prints or drawings, or a sober black color.

Metal : an elegant metal frame, generally made of stainless steel, is distinguished by its firmness, its solidity and, obviously, its resistance to rust.

Titanium : Glasses with a titanium frame have several advantages. On the one hand, titanium is robust and stainless, on the other hand, it is extremely light. The great stability of this material makes it possible to produce very thin, almost watery frames.

There are also some air-mounted reading glasses. With this type of reading glasses, you will avoid annoying edges and enjoy a vision without obstacles. In addition, you will save the weight of a conventional frame. These models are therefore a support for maximum reading comfort.

The advantages of buying your glasses close-up:

Buy your reading glasses from the leading online glasses supplier. You will find a wide choice of reading glasses from the most famous brands, such as Esprit, Céline or BOSS Orange. Shipping our sunglasses and prescription sunglasses is quick and inexpensive, and you also have many other benefits.