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Rimless glasses. Natural face

Rimless glasses are back this year to make sure you get the right bet. Comfortable, simple and very light, they adapt perfectly to your features so that your look is like no other. The trendy colors and the design of the legs of this season will give you the current style you are looking for. We have models from the best brands designed for you, choose your favorite model!

Rimless glasses. The simplicity of glass

Rimless glasses are born in response to a need to minimize the aesthetic impact that these accessories have on your face. They are coming to a time when contact lenses still did not offer the comfort of today, so they were looking for a product that could complete their use without altering the image of the person wearing them. Today things have changed: eyeglasses are fashionable and have lost any negative connotations they had in the past. These are the latest trend supplements that look good even if they are not necessary. In this context, rimless glasses have become the choice of those looking for glasses that do not alter their face and do not show their own personality. They are associated with intellectual and executive world, and transmit great professionalism.

The most comfortable prescription glasses

The air glasses have two independent lenses without the frame that surrounds them, linked together by a bridge that can be attached to it by different methods. The branches can be metal, titanium or paste. In rimless glasses, we always use very light materials which give these glasses an ethereal feeling that others do not have and which, depending on the color chosen, can give the impression of flying over the face. The quality of the lens is very important in glasses mounted on air and we offer you the best. Choose small lenses to make your rimless glasses even lighter.

Glasses mounted on air. Design and color

Rimless glasses are meant discreet but not unnoticed. They are manufactured in small sizes to cover only what is necessary to provide the user with the best vision. This simplicity is however not in contradiction with the latest trends and, although it is already a classic design, you can choose your glasses to look with small original details that will make you go to the latest fashion. The shape of the crystal is of great importance. There are oval models, squares or, the most vintage of the moment, round. The imagination is in the legs, fine metal wires so light that you will not even notice that you are wearing them, with imaginative designs that will highlight your temples by giving a very modern look to your look. The color also reaches the glasses with aerial frame: the last models dye the metal of the bridge and the branches with bright colors to highlight them. This will make you feel like you're wearing a modern pair of glasses without losing the benefits of glasses in the air.

Minimalism for your look

Rimless glasses are so discreet that you can combine them with any style and wear them in any situation. They are very elegant, formal in appearance and easily adapt to a sporty aesthetic. You can play to combine them with the rest of your complements to get the image you want without strident and harmonious. We have male and female models of reputable brands such as Boss, Oakley and Ray Ban. Try our rimless glasses and let your personality stand out!