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Spectacle frames: where the style resides

Frames are the soul of glasses. Its role - more than essential - is to support glasses, the element that gives functionality to glasses, but where is the style? It's a saddle thing. Let yourself be guided through a catalog of almost 3,500 models of frames for your new prescription glasses and discover the fascinating aesthetic possibilities offered by the latest optical fashion.

Full, half and pneumatic supports

At a time when we are paying more and more attention toaesthetic, the frames are even more important than in previous decades. In general, they all fulfill their fundamental mission of supporting crystals, but the possibilities in terms of style are practically endless.

Generally, there are three types of assemblies: complete assemblies, the half montages and the pneumatic assemblies.

The complete frames are the most common. Painting is generally made of metal or paste, although there is no shortage of models of other materials such as wood or natural fabrics, and it completely envelops the crystals by keeping them all around their edges. Full frame eyewear is the most complete category of prescription glasses and sunglasses functional and most versatile, and which is becoming a universal standard in the world of eyewear.

The half mounts have gained an important place in the prescription eyewear market due to their lightness and comfort. Most of these frames hold the lenses at the top, leaving the sides and bottom of the lenses in the air. Some models, however, do it the other way around: in the lower margin of the lenses, the one fixed in the frame, which does not have the upper arch. The half frames are particularly practical for reading glasses or work. Those who do not wear glasses constantly appreciate their lightness and discretion. From an aesthetic point of view, they can be very attractive, giving their wearer a sophisticated and certainly intellectual air.

In the air-mounted glasses, the frame itself disappears and is replaced by a bridge which directly holds the lenses, which are in turn attached to the temples. It is an interesting stylistic bet in which the ethereal and minimally invasive nature of the glasses prevails, leaving all the protagonism to the facial features. They tend to be athletic, urban and sometimes even futuristic.

New forms, legendary forms

A peculiarity of our postmodern era is theeclecticism, that is to say the simultaneous fusion and coexistence of several currents. This also applies to optical mode. A glance in the catalog of prescription glasses frames will allow you to discover that among the most current design lines, we find once again avowed references to fashion from past decades. It's the renewalretro, which filled the catwalks and screens of cinema and television with all kinds of clothing and accessories inspired by designs from the 50s, 60s or 80s.

On the left of your screen, you can see our search filters. They are very useful for selecting your frames according to their style. Well, in the "Shape" filter, you will see that the glasses abound, for example, with a butterfly or cat eye mount, this legendary feminine design that was all the rage in the 1950s. aviator style glasses were popularized in the 80s by the most famous film actors; their virile and determined style came back forcefully to claim a timeless design. What about round frames? they bring us infallibly back tohipster aesthetic the most authentic of the sixty-first century… ..

But art and design are constantly being renewed. New trends are claiming their place on the optical fashion scene. In this way, you can find in our collection of frames most prestigious companies who continue to bet for the sober and elegant lines, and next to them, brittle models of brands intended for young audiences who bet for extremely designs showy and originals. Browse our catalog of prescription glasses frames. One last honest warning: it will be difficult for you to keep a few!