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Women's glasses: the star complement to today's fashion

Wearing glasses is fashionable. Blessed by leading celebrities, actresses, influencers and girls At the moment, the big brands are also betting on what is already the accessory of the decade. Discover the wide variety of glasses for women available in the online store and take advantage of all our advantages to get your favorite model at an incredible price.

Glasses for women: from ugly duckling to swan

How much we have changed. For many years, glasses have been regarded as weapons of mass destruction for the self-esteem of their wearers, who, especially in the case of the youngest, have had to endure stoically the mockery of their peers and colleagues. Fortunately those days are over, and today the glasses are the most coveted accessory, raised to the condition of complement par excellence. It does not seem an exaggeration to say that they act as one of the main attractions of the big parades. The truth is that there is no self-respecting boutique that has not released its own collection. Glasses, for women or for men, are part of the popular aesthetic of our time and are considered a absolutely chic and trendy accessory, to the point that there are more and more users who wear glasses without vision problems or who have different models to vary their facial look according to the occasion. We know that it is not easy to choose glasses for women and that's why we help you choose the most flattering frames and models for your face. Discover the glasses for women who will be the stars next season and order your favorite models in our online store!

Prescription glasses for women for next season

Change of station, change of wardrobe. It could be the maxim of any true fashionista. The catalog of glasses for women is large enough for all sensitivities to feel represented and for all tastes to find their nothingness, a dark object of desire. More than 3000 pairs of glasses among which you will find everything, from the latest models launched by the manufacturers, to the glasses that are already in fashion, including the eternal classics and the models with allegedly more exclusive, even minority cuts.

Today, the “iron throne” in the field of women's eyewear is still occupied by round glasses looks vintage. It's a trend that has been hitting hard for months and the collection of glasses for women next season only confirms it. The aesthetics nerd is going through a real golden age since Kendall jenner and others influencers were seen in public wearing readers brand new rounds, in a curious and explosive combination of librarian look and sexy girl. For 2018, beautiful metal frame models in gold or lynx beak are announced, evoking in some cases an air of yuppie very ochentero. In this sense, it was inevitable that they would end up converging the aesthetic geek with the retro taste in which fashion in general has been installed for a decade. This confluence explains the reiteration of some XL models, the predilection for brightly colored lenses, the appearance of seventies frames in pastel shades or the updating of classics like the CatEye and designs inspired by the 50s who had one of their biggest icons in Marilyn. Glasses CatEye for women are sophisticated, feminine and very suitable, by the way, with triangular faces. The aviator style does not go out of fashion either and the new collection of glasses for women presents new versions in elegant tones (olive green, khaki) or with small golden details on the favorites. The online store also offers futuristic models with transparent frames, as well as prescription glasses for women inspired by a masculine aesthetic that does not renounce celebrating the femininity of the person wearing them.

A word of advice: the truth is that beyond this renewal momentary of the geek aesthetic, neither in the world of fashion, nor in that of glasses, it cannot be said that it imposes a unique trend, beyond this universal taste of vintage which reveals a curious nostalgic passion. If anything characterizes our era, it is rather the role played by each user and his ability to claim a particular style and to create his own trends. So now you know: forget the taxes and follow your instincts!

What glasses are suitable for your face?

Not all glasses favor the same type of face. A good choice is decisive when it comes to obtaining a positive effect on the face,improve certain traits of the face and conceal others. The filter on the left side of the navigation menu is a small guide that will help you: through it you will find the glasses suitable for the type of face. Keep the following tips in mind:

  • oval oyster. Due to their symmetry, oval faces are beautiful with practically all models of glasses. The models that suit you best are the models with horizontal or rectangular crystals that refine the face, as well as the frames that highlight the upper part. Avoid small, narrow glasses.

  • Round face. In this case, the most recommended lenses are those with a thick square frame or, better still, hexagonal. This is to look for a “lengthening” effect on the face, so you should avoid round glasses.

  • Triangular face. Rising frames with round crystals are suitable. On heart-shaped faces, CatEye are perfect for accentuating facial features. Throw away the models that exceed the height of the temples, in this way you will avoid noticing the difference in size between the upper and lower part of the face.

  • Square face. The most important thing in this case is to smooth the lines. Oval frames for aviators or slightly rounded shapes help. Avoid square and straight glasses.

If you have any questions, our team of expert opticians will assist you. Customer support is available to make purchasing your new women's glasses from your home sofa easy, comfortable and economical.