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Buy men's glasses online

Glasses for men

Choosing prescription glasses is not always easy. Become one of the most desired fashion items, you should never forget the fundamental role they play in eye health care. For speed and convenience, online shopping for eyeglasses for men and women has become a trend - discover all the possibilities at your fingertips in terms of fashion and savings by ordering your next pair of glasses !

Prescription glasses for men online

Glasses have moved from being a recommended prescription medical product and accepted with some reluctance, especially among young people, to one of fashionable accessories the most predictable. The continuous renewal of the stock on the part of the manufacturers, as well as a technological development incessant new materials which results in the immediate establishment of more comfortable and versatile designs, explain this phenomenon. This is why what was anecdotal years ago - finding eyeglass wearers with more than one model available in their wardrobe - is now a trend: most people who wear eyeglasses prefer multiple reserve models. not only for safety reasons, but also for their personal aesthetics. Because it is clear that the current revolution in the world of optics cannot be understood without taking into account the emergence of fashion as a differential fact in the daily life of millions of people around the world.

To meet this growing concern for personal style, which is not unrelated to the male segment, we have one of the largest catalogs of optical products, including 3,000 pairs of glasses for men on sale in our online store. From the most classic and conventional glasses in paste or metal to the latest generation models, manufactured in ultra light materials but practically unbreakable like carbon or titanium. Glasses that take care of the smallest detail to guarantee a modern and sophisticated look, formats that update the most popular designs according to new trends of the moment, extremely comfortable models to appreciate without attachments of free time or progressive lenses that allow to perfectly meet the different requirements of professional routines, are just some of the products present in our online store. Because every opportunity requires a specific model, bet on the versatility, the prestige and the prices of the collection of glasses for men, do not give up anything, it will not cost you more expensive!

How to Find the Perfect Men's Glasses

While most of our customers appreciate the various exclusive services designed to make the process of selecting and acquiring a product (prescription glasses, sunglasses or contact lenses) as comfortable and simple as possible. Here are the steps to follow if you decide to trust us.

1. model selection

In our online store you will find 3000 models of glasses for men from more than 70 brands. Let yourself be guided in this sea of models and designs may seem a priori complicated. Nothing could be further from the truth: thanks to our search filters, it is extremely easy to delimit the available options according to the wishes of the user. The filter criteria are:

  • Face shape. There are four options to choose from: oval, round, triangular and square. By clicking on each item, you have access to a wide selection of alternatives. Remember that facial features are the most important variable in choosing a model. If your face is round, we recommend narrow, rectangular or horizontal glasses, the most suitable for thinning the face. If your face is oval, choose square or geometric glasses. In the case of a rectangular face, he opts for patterns capable of accentuating the depth rather than the width. Finally, when the face is triangular, it is preferable to highlight the upper half, an effect that is obtained, for example, by using half frames.

  • Size This filter refers to the width of the frame. Three values are established: small, standard and large. The width of the glasses, expressed in millimeters, is the last of the three figures recorded on one of the temples. If you've never worn glasses before and don't know what size you need, you can use a little trick. Take a credit card and place it in the center of the nose in an upright position. If the other edge of the card is past the tip of the eye, the right size for you is the small one. If it is the same height, choose the standard size. If the edge of the card does not reach the end of the eye, always select the large size.

  • Type of mounting: pneumatic mounting, half mounting or complete mounting.

  • Glasses shape: narrow, rectangular, square, round, round, aviator, butterfly and sporty.

  • Frame color. When choosing color, consider three basic physical traits: skin, eyes, and hair. The most important, without a doubt, is the first.

  • Material The models are available in aluminum, carbon, leather, wood, metal, pulp and fabric.

2. Online tester

Once you have selected a model, click on the icon below with the drawing of a camera. here is our virtual tester. Then upload a photo from your computer (you can also do it at the same time with your webcam). Adjust the glasses correctly on the image and that's it: you will instantly know what you look like with the model in question ... Need a second opinion? simply share this photo in your social networks and wait for the response of your acquaintances!

3. Free trial

Another option available is the free trial. Once you have refined your search, we offer you the opportunity to select up to four different models and try them at your house with no obligation to purchase, within five days!

4. Ask for your favorite model

Once the final selection has been made, all you have to do is provide us with the graduation values required. Expert opticians personally install the lenses of your glasses in our workshop in Berlin. Once assembled, the lenses undergo a comprehensive control test to verify that they comply with all warranties. The crystals are from high quality, anti-reflective, have a UV filter and are subject to the well-known hardening treatment, that is to say an additional protection to prevent scratches. Once the order has been placed, you will receive your new pair of men's glasses comfortably at home in a few days.