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Buy full frame glasses

Full frame glasses: a safe bet for the thickest lenses

Are you one of those people who suffer from myopia or farsightedness and who do not want to wear very thick lenses? With full frame glasses, you can hide the thickness of your lenses and at the same time wear a personal and unique design. Discover the wide range of complete frames that we offer in our collection, come and take yours with you!

Full frame glasses: personality and comfort for all prescriptions

Full frame glasses are those that surround the entire lens and are traditionally considered to be the more classic existing mount options. Lately, thanks to the many possibilities of colors, shapes and materials, full frame lenses also offer touches of modern and topical. However, the particularity of this type of frame is the possibility of hide the glass with high diopters, much thicker and heavier than those of lower values, by surrounding them completely with the frame, contrary to what happens with air assemblies.

A very varied and current selection

Full frame lenses are generally more stable than other types of frames, offering a unique degree of comfort. You will find all the most diverse shapes and colors and materials, highlighting the metal and paste, in the most traditional styles, and the fabric, wood or leather, like the most innovative. Among the collections we offer, there are fashion brands like Gucci or Armani and designers specializing in glasses like Ray-Ban, all at the best prices. Some of the most popular full frame glasses in our selection are: aviator glasses, of style Wayfarer or nerd style, and finding the complete frame that best meets your needs will be an easy and enjoyable process. Just a few clicks from the comfort of your own home.

Buying full frame glasses: everything is easy

We are the European leader in online sales of sunglasses and prescriptions with more than 1.5 million customers satisfied. Buying your glasses has never been easier. You just need to access our website and consult our catalog by selecting the glasses that you like the most using our filters located on the left side of the screen.

These filters are the first step in the process of purchasing your glasses. Filters help you choose the size and shape of your glasses, the type of face, the material of the frame and its color. You only need one click to add the selected glasses to your favorites list.

Another option is to see what your 3D glasses would look like with our virtual tester, how does it work? Very simple: upload a photo of your face or use the webcam on your computer for a virtual test.

Once you have preselected the glasses you prefer, you can choose up to four models. We will send them to you so that you can try them in the comfort of your own home for five days. Finally, you have a 30 day guarantee to return the glasses you bought if you are not completely satisfied at the end, everything is easy!