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Prescription black glasses: a renewed classic

Black frame glasses are one of the fashion items you can't live without this season. Choose a pair of dark glasses from all the options we offer: latest trendy oval glasses, in metal or in Cat Eye style paste, half frame, also with corrective lenses…. Choose yours and add a touch of freshness to your everyday outfits and renew your style with models designed exclusively for us!

Black is fashionable

When choosing your prescription glasses, in addition to taking into account the quality of the materials used and the models of the last season, it is important to pay attention to the shape and characteristics of your face and, above all, the color. of your skin. Many dark-skinned people try to avoid dark glasses by mistakenly thinking that they are not suitable for them and that they darken their face. However, black-rimmed glasses are ideal for all skin types and feel great whether you have brown, brown or blonde hair. For people with dark hair, however, the latest fashion trends are towards dark glasses with clear frames or thin. Thick frames can enhance features to some extent and give the face a somewhat aggressive look. Subsequently, the thick acetate black glasses can be particularly attractive if your hair is brown or blond. In any case, whether you are serious about fashion opinions or not, on our website you have a wide choice of frames, run and do not deprive yourself! Find the prescription dark glasses that work best for you.

Buy your dark glasses

Black frame sunglasses and prescription sunglasses are the ultimate cry among those who want to follow the latest trends and claim an intellectual and hipster. This type of frame, black and more or less thick, with a great visual protagonism and very contrasted with the factions of the face, have an increasing demand. They are in fact the best-selling pasta glasses of recent seasons. Classic glasses from Wayfarer style, which harmonize perfectly with any look, with oval glasses with vintage rounded edges, black glasses live a new golden age, discover the new models!

Who will make your job easier? We are at your disposal. Visit us in our online store and make your shopping a pleasure.