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Buy glasses for mountain sports

We offer a wide variety of sports glasses. Although choosing the right pair of mountain goggles can be difficult, here you will find the perfect glasses for mountain sports.

The most important aspect of sports glasses is that they adapt smoothly to atmospheric conditions, that they are resistant and that they adequately protect the eyes. Mountain goggles are the best option for mountaineering, trekking or climbing while keeping a clear and sharp vision.

Resistant materials, optimal support and a good ventilation system are essential to guarantee unlimited vision and essential protection in the mountains. Adidas models, equipped with the latest optical technology and innovative ventilation mechanisms, are particularly suitable for the mountains. The crystals are interchangeable and it is so easy to replace them that it does not matter whether you are on a snowy mountain or in the forest: you will always see clearly. They adapt very quickly to all circumstances. One of the brand's strengths is the variety of designs. Mountain glasses adapt perfectly to the shape of the face and guarantee unbeatable vision even from the sides.

Once you have chosen the mountain glasses that suit you, we will send them to you as soon as possible, without additional shipping costs. If you don't like your new mountain glasses, you have a two-week warranty to change them. Just send us your mountain glasses and choose another model in our store.

For more information on our Best Price and Return Guarantee, please see the Customer Service section of our website.