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Wooden sunglasses to buy online

Wooden sunglasses, a different way to protect your eyesight

Wooden sunglasses have appeared on the scene in recent years to carve out a place among the latest trends in sunglasses. Original, charming and fresh, wooden sunglasses are one of the trendy accessories of the season. Each saddle is unique and different, no two are the same! You will find modern and very attractive models which naturally adapt to your style and to the best brands! Try them on our website.

Wooden sunglasses: ecological frames

Wooden glasses burst in and became one of the most sought after fashion accessories. The use of wood as a raw material for sunglasses frames responds to an increasingly important need: the use of biodegradable materials and ecological. The wooden sunglasses are made of the most eco-friendly that can be used, which is also the most original and - surprisingly - revolutionary in optical fashion. Its organic nature makes each model unique, no two are alike! If you want to go to the latter, wooden sunglasses are the definitive complement that will give you an inimitable touch of originality.

The most natural trend

The wooden glasses are framed in the naturalistic style that has become so fashionable in recent years. Organic fabrics are the trend in clothing, and the perfect complement for making accessories is wood. If you want to get a natural style, wood is your ally. It is catchy, original and versatile, because it goes very well with the relaxed, retro and bohemian drafts that are so strong in these times. Wooden sunglasses transmit this taste for nature that more and more inhabitants of our planet share. There are all kinds of them, ebony, bamboo or walnut. They are as light as glasses made of conventional materials and support a wide variety of designs. If you are looking for a trendy but original and inimitable look, opt for wooden frame sunglasses.

Wooden sunglasses. The best selection

In our collection of wooden sunglasses, you will find models from renowned brands such as Ray-Ban, Kerbholz or Wood Fellas. There are those of complete assembly or of semi-assembly, models in which the wood is mixed with the metal and others completely organic. The color oscillates in a rich diversity of browns, from ebony black to ivory. A wide range of alternatives so that you can find the ideal shade that stands out in the most flattering way on your skin. In addition to wood, the other great attraction of these sunglasses is in the glasses: we have models with polarized lenses, glasses of classic dark colors and lighter, more conspicuous tones, capable of enhancing your features and adding to your face some additional notes of natural appeal.