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Sunglasses for round faces

Sunglasses for round faces are probably among the most popular, precisely because many people have a face with this shape. In this case, the golden rule is simple and clear: do not add more circles to your look because they would have the opposite effect to the desired effect, that is to say that they would highlight the round shape of your face.

All the round face sunglasses we show you in this section will not only hide the shape of your face but will give you more character. As you can see, the rectangular models predominate, with more or less large, more square or more elongated lenses, but always with four well defined sides. Slightly angled glasses are also recommended to mask the roundness of the face. As for the frame, the thicker ones are preferred because the thinner ones, which are normally metallic, go unnoticed and transfer attention to the face rather than to the glasses.

As for the very style of these glasses for rounded faces, our online optician offers sporty or more urban models, in quality brands of all kinds: Adidas, Calvin Klein, Carrera, Gucci or Michael Kors, among others.

In any case, there is no written law on sunglasses for round faces, so do not hesitate to experiment with these models: you can try them for free for 10 days or see yourself now with our 3D tester virtual.