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Ray-Ban New Wayfarer in all sizes

Ray-Ban New Wayfarer. New times

Ray-Ban updates its classic Wayfarer model to make it one of the stars of the season. The Ray-Ban New Wayfarers keep thevintage aesthetic of their predecessors, but the new colors and materials used have made them avant-garde sunglasses. Choose yours now, you will not be separated from them!

Ray-Ban New Wayfarer. The classic evolves

In the 1950s, Ray-Ban revolutionized the sunglasses market with its Wayfarer model. Its paste design, breaking away from traditional metallic glasses, has become one of the brand's best-selling and imitated models. Although the classic model has not lost its validity, Ray-Ban has decided to remaster it to adapt it to new trends. Ray-Ban New Wayfarer, sunglasses that retain the 1950s aesthetic, but with a design with soft lines and a reduced size. The legs are also smaller and a much lighter material than the original acetate was used for the frame. The sunglasses Ray-Ban New Wayfarer are therefore light and comfortable - a must if you want to follow the latest trends!

The key is in the color

The favorite saddle of the classic Wayfarer is the black saddle and the remaining Ray-Ban New Wayfarer. Although neutral and solid tones or easy-to-combine veins of different colors are preferred, there is also a space reserved for color. Reds, electric blues or oranges come to Ray-Ban New Wayfarer to give them a modern look and resolved without losing their vintage character. Dark and vivid tones combine to give the frames a casual, laid-back look. In addition, you will find your Ray-Ban New Wayfarer glasses with polarized lenses and Premium prescription glasses, and you will be part of the Wayfarer story!

Ray-Ban New Wayfarer. Mythical glasses for the man of today

The Ray-Ban Wayfarers were born as sunglasses for pilots intended for a male audience and the Ray-Ban New Wayfarers have not lost the elegant and sporty value with which they have always been characterized. These are sunglasses that give man an interesting and attractive image, becoming a must for the man of action, active and determined who popularized American cinema, be the hero of your film! Combine your Ray-Ban New Wayfarer with casual clothes or use them to give a new detail to your more formal look. With Ray-Ban New Wayfarer you will give a touch of style to your image.

Ray-Ban Wayfarer. Glamor for the dynamic woman

From their first appearance on the sunglasses market, the female public was fascinated by the great possibilities offered by the Wayfarer model. They quickly adopted it as a symbol of style, and actresses like Audrey Hepburn made it a must for a sophisticated look at any time of the year. The Ray-Ban New Wayfarer not only retains all of the1950s retro aesthetic, but also lets you play with color to give your image a different look. Combine your Ray-Ban New Wayfarer with casual and relaxed clothes for a chic character or fearlessly accentuate the glamor of your elegant clothes… New Wayfarer sunglasses are sunglasses with personality for your daring side!

All the advantages when buying your sunglasses

  • We offer you the best quality crystals: anti-reflective, with UV protection and hardening treatment.

  • Glasses made in workshops in Germany by our optical experts

  • We have a service for adjusting your prescription glasses

  • You can try your Ray-Ban New Wayfarer glasses from our website with a photo or your webcam.

  • 30 day return period