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Ray-Ban Aviator in all sizes online

The character evoked by Ray-Ban Aviator is difficult to match by any other creation, because everything in them oozes history, audacity and the spirit of adventure: buy your Ray-Ban Aviator and be part of the legend !

The beginning of the legend

It is one of great icons of the Ray-Ban brand, the germ of everything that made this great brand. To understand where this symbol of contemporary culture comes from, we have to go back to the First World War and aviation world. At the time, the new air discipline was in its infancy, and almost all aircraft models had cabins open to the outside, so pilots had to protect their eyes from the wind and the cold. This was the main function of the glasses manufactured at the time, which consisted essentially of transparent lenses held in place by a rubber or leather frame.

With the advancement of flight technology, we are gradually adopting glass cabins that allow us to reach higher altitudes and speeds. But new problems arise, to which Ray-Ban will have to provide a solution. In the 1930s, the american air force were looking for a solution for their pilots who, when flying at high altitudes, suffered from blinding flashes of the sun.

Ray-Ban's response was his aviator sunglasses, whose prototype was designed in 1936 using a new type of greenish lens which attenuates the glare produced by the sun but without reducing visibility. In addition, the assembly was mounted on a revolutionary structure, first in plastic frame, then in metal, which brought rigidity and lightness.

The success of the unsurpassable

The reception by the American army of the Aviator Ray-Ban, known at its beginnings under the name of "Anti-Glare" for its functionality, was such that not only the air forces used it, but practically all branches of the military wore the new glasses. And, of course, as soon as Ray-Ban started distributing them to civilians, they were a immediate success.

The relationship of Ray-Ban Aviator glasses with the world of cinema has been very intertwined since its inception, and a multitude of big Hollywood stars have appeared on the big screen playing roles where glasses have appeared almost like a character, thanks to all the symbolism that had been sculpted in its early days.

The passage of time

The values of strength, virility and adventure conveyed by Ray-Ban Aviator glasses are indisputable, as is their timelessness. The basic design of 1936 continues to fascinate with its forms and its symbolic implications. However, today we have at our disposal many variants of this original model to satisfy all tastes.

You can find all of these variations, which are basically three if we only refer to the tear size : "Large", "Clasic" and "Small". Of course, Aviator sunglasses are still marketed with authentic green lenses, but today you can choose from many shades, with polarized lenses and even prescription lenses.

In short, Ray-Ban Aviator is not just a pair of sunglasses, it is a declaration of intent that has marked the world for more than 80 years.