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Vintage sunglasses: Relive the past

Find these creations that marked this era: vintage sunglasses, symbol of the glamor of past decades, are coming back stronger than ever. Among the wide variety of models that we offer, you will find the sunglasses that you have always wanted and that will remind you of such fond memories… What do you bet we manage to make you relive these beautiful years with our collection of vintage sunglasses?

Vintage sunglasses, the nostalgia that returns

For some time now, public interest in retro glasses has become more than just a patent. We have decided to provide you with several of the great models of yesteryear that have created the trend. If you want to relive the splendor of other decades, don't hesitate: vintage sunglasses are the ideal choice.

Cinema and fashion

Many of the models still in vogue are the same as those worn by the big celebrities ofHollywood. We cannot imagine the image of artists like James Dean, Audrey Hepburn or Steve McQueen without the sunglasses that accompanied them on and off the big screen. These celluloid monsters have always generated in us this irrepressible desire to look like them, and therein lies the attraction of the charming vintage sunglasses from our collection.

The pasta glasses are back.

In the 1950s it was the star material for eyewear design, and now everyone loves it again. Robustness, multiple colors and strong personality are the main features of pasta frames. They also make it possible to incorporate graduated glasses of more diopters without affecting the aesthetics thanks to the greater width of the material.

The years of brotherly love

With unique designs, colorful lenses and huge dimensions, the sunglasses we identify with the slogan "make love and not war" are as fashionable as they were back then. In our shop, you will find everything from the flirtatious and feminine cat frame to the legendary round sunglasses like John Lennon or Janis Joplin.

Why buy vintage sunglasses?

Because we have put at your disposal the largest online offer of glasses in Europe! You can now test virtually or directly at home thousands of models of vintage sunglasses, graduated or not, of the best brands. The use of virtual tester is very simple: upload a photo of your face or a webcam image to our portal, and you can see how one of the thousands of models in our catalog suits you. If in doubt, request that up to four different glasses be sent to your home so that you can try them without obligation.