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Mirrored sunglasses: modern lenses with total protection

In the street, on the catwalk and on Instagram: mirrored sunglasses are a trendy accessory! This type of glasses contrasts with conventional measured glasses due to the different shades available to obtain the mirror effect. Its undeniable style gives a touch of modernity to all outfits. Read on to find out more about mirror sunglasses and find the perfect model for you.

What exactly are mirror sunglasses?

Mirrored sunglasses have a additional reflective treatment on the outside of the glasses. This coating has nothing to do with the visual perception received, since it is a one-way reflex. The visual effect perceived by the user is therefore a shade of gray, green or brown, as in other types of sunglasses. The lifespan of the mirror effect of high-end products is extended by the provision of multiple microscopic extra thin layers of metals and metal oxides. Thanks to this composition, it is possible to obtain effects such as, for example, degraded crystals.

What are the advantages of mirrored sunglasses?

Mirrored sunglasses protect the eyes while providing privacy for the wearer. To the modern optics of the reflection created is added the fact that the sunglasses with mirror effect have a specific functional advantage, namely that the sunlight bounces directly on the lenses. It is the preferred effect of sports optics brands like Oakley and UVEX. Of course, mirrored sunglasses protect against UV rays.

Crystal colors by type of person and style

Gold, silver, blue, pink or, why not, a gradient in the shades of the rainbow: all the colors you can imagine exist in mirror effect. However, a few details should be taken into account: the choice of color should be made based on certain characteristics such as hair color, skin color and, of course, personal style. People with darker complexions and darker hair are spectacular in all colors, whether cold or hot. For blond hair and fair skin, on the other hand, the complementary colors would be cool tones like blue and green. The mirror sunglasses in the pink tones are a little more delicate, because their combination with light blonde or light brown hair usually does not say much. Once we know which shades best suit our specifications, the complicated part begins: which model of sunglasses with mirror effect should I choose? Fashion opinions are capricious, but following a few basic tips makes our choice easy: if you're looking for a monochrome look, silver crystals with mirror effect are the right choice. If you have a favorite color, do not hesitate to choose it also for your sunglasses, because it has never been so suitable. Another style trait can be demonstrated by the contrast of sunglasses to iridescent glasses and the black leather motorcycle jacket, imagination is the most useful tool!