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Folding sunglasses, space saving without compromising on quality

We present a collection of folding sunglasses in a wide variety of brands and models. From the 1960s to the present day, the eyewear market has evolved a lot, but the folding technology has been maintained: thanks to the hinges of the frame, the foldable sunglasses considerably reduce their size and can be worn wherever you want. You will find the perfect model for you.

Folding sunglasses, small footprint and maximum quality

Folding sunglasses, also known as folding sunglasses, are distinguished precisely by this quality: thanks to tiny closures on the rods and the bridge, the folding sunglasses can be folded down to 80% of their volume, which allows them to be stored comfortably without taking up too much space.

The main brands of sunglasses have folding models. We have Ray-Ban, the best known but not the only one: other famous brands like Persol and Ralph Lauren are also in our catalog. All with processing polarized lens and UV filter to prevent damage from sun exposure. As for the frame, you have metal for the more retro style and rounded crystals, square pastes for more conservative tastes, and also titanium. For the crystals, you have the choice between a very varied palette of colors, from classic black and brown to yellow or pink. We have a large collection of folding sunglasses for women and men, as well as versatile unisex models.

Reasons to Buy Your Folding Sunglasses

More than 1.5 million satisfied customers testify to our quality, which makes us the preferred online eyewear store in Europe. With us the purchase of your ideal sunglasses is comfortable, since you do not have to move, and simple, thanks to the facilities that we offer on our website. Using search filters or our virtual tester, you can choose the lenses that best suit your face and see how they fit before you buy them. Among the search parameters you have the size and shape of the glasses, which you can combine with the shape of your face to find the perfect model. And if you upload a photo or use your webcam, you can take a virtual test from your sofa at home.

In addition, you can add corrective or progressive lenses to many folding sunglasses. All you have to do is tell us your graduation when you place your order. And you have up to 30 days to return them to us for another model or for the amount, at no cost to you, with us, everything is an advantage!