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Progressive contact lenses: clear vision and wearer comfort

Progressive contact lenses are the solution for tired eyes, inevitable with age. You will no longer have to wear several different prescription glasses or get used to progressive lenses that limit your freedom of movement. The progressive lenses that we offer at incredible prices and of superior quality are what you need for perfect vision and extremely comfortable wearing.

Progressive contact lenses: the alternative to progressive lenses

Progressive lenses, also called multifocal lenses, are the perfect alternative to progressive lenses. From 40 years of age, short-distance visual precision is considerably reduced and vision problems such as myopia or myopia are often associated with eyestrain. Thanks to the progressive lenses, it is possible to have a clear vision at different distances.

What is eye strain and how to correct it?

Eye strain is a natural process, and almost everyone has it at some point over the years. Normally, from the age of 40,elasticity of the lens begins to decrease and the eyes can no longer adapt well to different distances. This manifests itself when it is not clearly seen by reading or writing. This deficiency can be corrected with reading glasses. The downside is that these glasses have to be worn whenever you want to see something clearly from a short distance.

If you also suffer from myopia, you will see inaccurately from far and near. The glasses used to correct myopia are not enough: you need progressive glasses or contact lenses.

Who are progressive lenses for and how do they work?

If you are nearsighted and also have tired eyes, progressive lenses are best for you. Progressive contact lenses have a great advantage over glasses: they allow you to focus on objects at any distance. In addition, not only do the glasses change the appearance of the face, but they keep a certain distance from the eyes, so that the image you see will always be a little bigger or smaller than reality. The progressive lenses are placed directly in the eye and accompany you in all your movements, as small as they are. They are ideal for active people because they do not limit their freedom of movement.

The principle of progressive lenses is simple: the upper part is designed for far vision, the lower part for near vision, but how does it work in a contact lens? Very simple: glass is suitable for both vision problems. Some manufacturers place short-range vision in the center of the lens and far vision outside, wrapping it. Others, on the contrary. A third variant is the change of circular field of vision. In all cases, the brain receives an image that is both clear and blurred. Depending on the situation, it ignores the blurred image and obtains the sharp image.

Professional advice and prior adjustment are essential requirements.

Theophthalmologist or the optician can advise you, depending on the shape of the eye and other characteristics, which progressive lenses are best for you. Adjusting the progressive lenses will help you choose the ones that best suit your eyes.

This is especially important if you wear contact lenses for first time or if you want to try progressive lenses because of eyestrain. If you wear inappropriate contact lenses, you may have dry eyes or excessive crying. Even if you have been wearing contact lenses for a long time, it is recommended to consult your optician or ophthalmologist once a year to verify that your vision or the eyes themselves have not changed.

With progressive lenses, the adjustment time is longer than with normal contact lenses, because the brain needs time to focus on the corresponding image.

What are the differences between progressive lenses?

Progressive contact lenses for presbyopia are distinguished above all by their maximum duration of use. We offer the following alternatives:

  • Daily lenses, which can be changed daily

  • Weekly contact lenses, with a lifespan of 14 days

  • Monthly lenses for 30 days of use

  • Day and night contact lenses, to wear day and night