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Monthly contact lenses

Tired of wearing glasses? bet on monthly lenses! By following a few basic cleaning tips, this type of contact lens allows you to enjoy your day-to-day life with total comfort and absolute freedom. In the online store you will find a wide range of monthly lenses for people suffering from myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and eyestrain.

Monthly lenses - the perfect choice for regular contact lens wearers

You have a vision defect and you don't want to wear glasses, have you used daily replacement contact lenses and would like to try something new? Then the monthly lenses are the right choice for you. The monthly contact lenses are the ideal choice for people who wear contact lenses regularly.

What are the benefits of monthly lenses?

Although daily wear contact lenses are suitable for sporadic wear, such as sports or special occasions, monthly wear contact lenses are the best alternative for those who prefer to wear contact lenses rather than glasses in their daily life. As the name suggests, monthly lenses are designed to be worn for 30 days from the time the package is opened. Monthly lenses are therefore a perfect replacement for prescription lenses.

Remember, it doesn't matter if you wear contact lenses every day or only at certain times. Her useful life from the first use is toa month. The deposits that gradually form in contact lenses, sediments that are imperceptible to the naked eye, can cause inflammation of the eye. In addition, the process of deterioration of contact lenses begins from their first use, gradually decreasing their oxygen permeability. If in doubt, consult your optician or ophthalmologist.

The monthly lenses are in any case thecheapest alternative when used regularly.

What types of monthly lenses are available?

Because monthly lenses are in high demand, manufacturers market a wide range of models. In this way, each wearer can find the contact lenses that best meet their needs. If you are thinking of replacing your glasses with contact lenses and you are nearsighted or farsighted, spherical lenses are particularly recommended. These lenses correct diopters with different powers expressed by the signs - / +, depending on whether they treat myopia or presbyopia. However, even if you have been wearing glasses for a long time, it is advisable to have the contact lenses you need checked by a specialist. And is that the diopter value of lenses and glasses does not always coincide, being the lenses, in the first case, much closer to the eye than in the second.

Multifocal lenses for tired eyes

From the age of about 40, it is common for the lens of the eye to begin to lose its elasticity and its ability to focus for the vision of close objects. If you notice that it takes more and more effort to read or if you need to place books and magazines further, we recommend that you consult your optician or optician for a visual examination. If it is a presbyopia or tired eyesight, and if you were previously myopic, you will need a visual correction that will allow you to see and focus both near and far. You don't have to give up your contact lenses. There are lenses multifocal monthly, that is to say lenses with two different dioptric intensities, such as progressive lenses. This is why they are also called the progressive lenses.

Users' favorite monthly multifocal lenses are Air Optix Aqua Multifocal, ProclearMultifocal and BiofinityMultifocal.

Blurry vision ? Monthly lenses for deformities of the corneal curvature

In addition to the visual defects associated with far or near vision problems, there is another phenomenon of vision impairment. The lens of an eye withastigmatism is not perfectly rounded and has irregularities in certain areas. This causes distortions in the images and the outlines are not perceived well delimited. Sometimes the perspective is slightly tilted. The distortion of the corneal curvature is corrected by monthly toric lenses. They are recognized by the English adjective "toric" which appears in the name.

Some of the most popular monthly toric lenses are ProclearToric, Air Optix for Astigmatism and BiofinityToric 6th Box.

Tip: Contact lenses should always be adapted to the wearer. Only a professional can decide what type of lens is right for you.

Care and maintenance of monthly lenses

Monthly lenses should be cleaned every evening after use with an appropriate solution. Always follow the same procedure until it becomes a habit:

Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and dry them with a lint-free towel before removing or handling contact lenses from your eyes. Flood each chamber of the housing with the appropriate disinfectant solution. For proper cleaning, the contact lenses must remain in the solution for at least six hours. To learn more about hygiene and care of contact lenses, see our article on cleaning tips.

Benefits of Buying Your Monthly Lenses Online

With over 1.5 million customers, we are the preferred online optician in Europe. We offer you a wide selection of monthly lenses from the most popular brands, such as Air Optix, Avaira or Bionify. By ordering your contact lenses on our online store, you will benefit from the best prices and a full range of exclusive services:

Thanks to our search filters, you will find the right monthly lenses in just a few clicks. Select the desired lenses by indicating the parameters of your eyes and add the product to your basket. Shipping is fast, is available throughout the peninsula and the Balearic Islands and will cost you only € 3.99. Also don't forget that if you are not satisfied, you have 30 days to return your order free of charge in your pocket and that our experts will be happy to help you. Take advantage of the wide variety of brands and order your next monthly contact lenses directly from your home.