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Buy contact lens fluid online

Considering the wide variety of contact lenses on the market, it is to be expected that there are many types of liquids or contact lens care products. Whether you wear hard or soft contact lenses, we have the products for you. Proper maintenance of your lenses is essential to avoid possible irritation, but also to protect your eyes from inflammation and long-term illness. This is why it is important to pay close attention to the contact lens liquid you are using.

More and more people are opting for soft contact lenses as an alternative to glasses. Thanks to advances in lens design, wearers can enjoy the benefits of contact lenses without sacrificing comfort. But perfect vision and lasting comfort require care and the right product.

What is the right liquid for contact lenses? You can choose between an all-in-one solution or a hydrogen peroxide solution. The second has a built-in neutralizer to prevent itching and injury. This neutralization process takes a relatively long time, which means that the lenses have to be left in the cleaning solution overnight. Thorough surface cleaning is essential as the sediment is disinfected but not removed. A saline solution is recommended to remove all traces of dirt. Other types of lens cleaning products are known as multifunctional or "all-in-one" solutions. With these solutions, the process is simpler: cleaning, disinfection, neutralization, storage and lubrication can be carried out with a single product.

A common problem with contact lenses is the buildup of protein sediments on the surface. This build-up should be removed with care using a surface cleaner. A few drops in the palm of your hand before massaging the lenses is enough. Of course, you will need to wash your hands when you clean your lenses. Rigid or hard lenses can be massaged with the cleaning solution between two fingers, then rinsed with saline solution. For those who do not like to wash their hands, solutions are also available without massage or friction.

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